10 Easy Car Maintenance Tips To Prevent Costly Repairs

10 Easy Car Maintenance Tips To Prevent Costly Repairs

What about your engine?

If you want your car to last a long time like my neighbor's car, then stay tuned because today I'm going to show you simple maintenance items to perform on your car.

So it can last forever.

Well maybe not forever, but there's nothing wrong with trying.

Simple checks that you can make on your car at home and I would recommend doing this at least once half year. If not more often.

That certainly some of these items you will want to check more often than once every six months but these are simple checks that you can do at home to make sure your car is in good running.

So a few things you want to know about your car that are must knows to avoid costly repairs on your car.

Check Your Batteries

The batteries last about three years, that's it whether passes or not it's going to let you down in the next year.

What happens is with all the electronics that's going on in the car?When you start your car, you're running solely off your battery.

If your battery is weak, it turns your starter over slower it draws more power.

When your car does run, your alternator kicks in, and throws extra amps at that battery to try and recharge it. All those things is current that's going through your car that is very spiking high and low.

To eliminate a lot of electronical problems,  just stay on top of it and replace your battery on a timely manner.

Never Run Your Car Lower Than 1/4 Tank 

What it is? it's an electric fuel pump in your tank that pumps fuel to your engine and  it's a whole bunch of tiny little windings in there and it actually uses the gas to keep it cool.

What happens when it gets below a quarter? it's not enough fuel sloshing back.

To keep that pump cool, especially if you're on a long road trip.

If you run it right dry and then go to a gas pump to fill it up. Now you've got a really hot fuel pump.

when you're pouring 15 degrees celsius fuel on it, it's a big shock for it.

If you do that too many times,  you're going to burn out your pump prematurely. There's four or five six hundred dollars gone for no reason. So just keep that tank above accord.

Your Car History

If you know the history of your car it's okay to do transmission flushes. but, if you do not know the history of your car, and it's a high mileage car.

Be very careful, I don't recommend changing your fluid.

The reason is your transmission is full of oil passages. Overtime little bits of dirt gets stuck in corners here and there. Where they will probably stay until the car is at the scrapyard.

The problem is when you put new fluid in new transmission, fluid has detergents in it to keep a transmission clean. And what it will do is wash all it, grab all those little pieces that are stuck and take them and put them in one spot that will be a variety of different problems.

Tips In Bad Weather

If the road conditions aren't perfect or ideal especially in the winter, and what you want to leave your cruise control off?!  What you want to do is when you do hit a drift unexpectedly, just let go of the throttle and close through it. Don't lock up the brakes, don't fight the cruise or panic.

That one extra step is what you might need to keep control of your car.

Keep the car pointed the steering wheel in the direction you want to go and look at where you want to go.

If you have to worry about the cruise, that's one more reason that you could end up in the ditch.

Spare Tire Is Awesome

The tires just a little bit bigger. The problem is when you get a flat especially on a pickup truck, it's usually the drive tires that go flat because they're doing all the work.

Now if you take your spare, your spare is still the original size and a lot smaller. What's happening is you have more than likely if it's 10 years or newer, it's got a limited slip differential.

If you have one big tire and one small tire that differential is thinking that the one tire is slipping and it's trying to lock this tire up. So that in a matter of about 10 kilometers or 10 miles you will have destroyed your diff.

So if you get a flat on the rear, make sure that if your spare tire is not the exact same size. you can check the numbers on the side. every tire will have the numbers written. If you don't understand the numbers just roll the tire up aside.

If it is a different size, make sure you put the oddball size or the spare on tire that are not doing the work.

So on a rear-wheel drive tire you want to put the tires on the front. On a front-wheel drive tire you want to put your spare on the back. So that as the drive tires are still turning equally.

Replace Windshield

When should I replace my windshield?

This may seem like a rhetorical question but I assure you, it is not. Most states mandate by law the condition in which a vehicle's windshield must be in to operate safely.

It is obvious to most when a windshields replacement is necessary but I am sure, like most, you have all passed the car on the road whose windshield was shattered so badly you had to wonder how they could see to drive.

So clearly there are those who do not realize when it is time to visit their local Auto Glass Company to have their windshield replaced or repaired.

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Leave Frozen Sludge Alone

If it's cold outside and the roads are a mess. When you park your car do not kick your bumper to knock off the sludge.

What's happening is the plastic once it gets below freezing gets very brittle. And if you're kicking your bumper the way it's held on is a whole bunch of little holes with little tabs on it that hold your bumper in place.

If you kick it, you might not even know it. But this is very thin here and you could very easily crack it. Let alone put a puncture right in your plastics.

Leave your plastics alone when it gets warm or it gets bumpy it'll fall off itself or take it to a car wash and wash it off. But do not kick cold plastic bumpers.

Never Cold Water In Hot Engine

Your car overheats and you've got your rad cap off safely afterwards but your engine is still hot.

Never ever put cold water in a hot engine. It will go in the cold and the hot don't mix the hot drinks too fast and you could run a big risk of  cracking your block or wrecking your head gasket.

If you absolutely have to get going put as hot water and as possible into your rod and you should be good to go.

Car Battery Boost Tips

If your car battery dies and you need a boost do yourself a favor and call roadside assistance. Don't get a boost from somebody who doesn't know what they're doing.

I'll tell you why a lot of the electronics, and our cars now require a lot. but larger alternators to run our tvs, our heated seats, our cameras and  everything else.

When you have a dead battery your alternator as soon as it realizes when your engine's running that the battery's dead it's giving its full power to try and charge that battery.

If you have a boost vehicle, it's already doing that. Now you've got two alternators that are trying to feed this battery saying i need to give a full power to charge this battery it leaves a lot of potential to wreck very delicate computers inside the car.

So do yourself a favor with roadside assistance. If they mess it up, you can blame them they have insurance, they have you have a much better chance of getting your money back out of a blown ecu than you do from a stranger. And it goes the same way if you're boosting somebody else, you know what that time has passed.

If you absolutely have to do it don't leave your car running. If it won't start it with your car, sitting idle.

Don't start your car to start somebody else's vehicle.

Oil Changes

Most new cars now have so many sensors and computers on there. That a lot of people are relying too much on the
Computer. One of those sensors that i don't agree with is when to change royal.

Now, a lot of them measure when to change your oil by how many starts, two stops and your type of driving. It doesn't actually measure the oil or the viscosity of the oil. And i've ran into it a couple times.

So i would change it every five to seven thousand kilometers, but that's me personally.

If you're using synthetic you can go longer.

But, your oil filters in that still just like the medium grade oil,
Just change it more often.

Because, there's still contaminants that get in your oil filter still breaks down, and oil is cheap compared to replacing an engine.

So,  thanks for read!

This Component Can Significantly Improve Your Car's Performance

Improve Your Car's Performance

Engine pistons play a great role in improving the speed of your car. It is a moving component of an internal combustion engine and is placed inside a cylinder.

In some engines a piston is used in place of valves for covering and uncovering ports. A piston is transformed into a gas-tight device with the help of piston rings. Within an internal combustion engine the main role of a piston is to turn force from the expanding gas in the cylinder to the crankshaft thru a connecting rod or a piston rod.

There are different types of methods and materials employed in the production of connecting rods. Steel and aluminum are the most common materials used in manufacturing connecting rods.

A piston and a connecting rod are like bread and butter. Both these entities are required to work in close co-operation for complete success of a racing engine. Connecting rod is in fact known to be a major link inside internal combustion engine. It connects the piston to the crankshaft and help in transferring power from the piston to the crankshaft.

For total fulfillment of your racing needs you must take care of a connecting rod, it's always under good amount of load and has to withstand extreme pressure. Showing special care to your connecting rod will only ensure that it does not fail prematurely.

Many fellas these days prefer to use custom piston to increase performance and durability of their car engines. Custom pistons are slightly different from traditional pistons; they are devices which are the outcome of meaningful research and matchless engineering. Custom pistons ensure that you get maximum advantage and performance from your car engine.

Only reputed and experienced manufacturers dare to indulge in the production of today's most amazing custom performance pistons and rods which span all areas of motorsports.

In addition to piston, valves are also one of the vital components of internal combustion engine. However, when the whole issue boils down to racing valves several aspects has to be addressed such as the valve design, the environment where the valve is likely to operate and last but not the least, the materials from which racing valves are produced.

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Valve manufacturers of today are building valves by using different materials such as stainless steel, bronze, plastic and so on.

One kind of racing valve that is growing popular these days is the titanium valve. Many valve manufacturers are trying their hands in the production of titanium valves. However, for creating good quality titanium valve a manufacturer needs to know titanium by its heart and soul. That is why manufacturers have come up with a unique manufacturing process known as trick's manufacturing process to provide you with genuine titanium valves.

Going by this process all titanium raw materials are tested for chemical purity, uniform grain, and microstructure and are sonically tested to ascertain that they are imperfection free.

Besides, all titanium valves are strengthened by a Trick proprietary solution annealing and stabilization annealing process. This is why titanium valves are accepted as strong and durable valves fit for accomplishing racing needs.

6 This Way Can Easily Avoid Worst Speed Traps

avoid speed trap

It might sound frustrating that speed violations traps do exist in numerous spots in some States. And as much as you are actually aware that all these traps are intended for driving carefully, it is in reality giving less positive effect than negative to drivers.

What you are able to hear most is that drivers must learn to drive securely therefore they will not get rushing tickets. However, imagine if you have no choice other than to continue with the high speed, for example driving downward the hill?

These days, you will discover lots of electronic over speeding traps placed anywhere in roads plus highways. So eventually if you are not within the top speed limit of that particular zone, you will certainly collect that frustrating ticket.

So almost certainly by this time you are actually wondering what can be the best stuff that you might perform to begin staying away from having that ticket for speeding, right?

Since most likely you'll be dealing with electronic devices like for instance radars and some other things like that, you can wish to check out the option of acquiring detectors. All these detectors extend from GPS detectors to radar detectors. The tools will prepare you of possible set safety cameras spots as well as mobile security digital camera spots.

Apart from these gadgets, you may also wish to explore getting adequate information on how you can be able to get an adequate amount of information about the worst speed traps in certain country.

It's vital that you have access to the right information on the web regarding the location where you most likely can come across speed traps and other specs.

You will discover various websites on the internet where you will manage to have this sort of info from.

These useful web sites can give you facts on cities as well as highways where you can possibly spot this sort of traps and also high speed zones that you probably are not that much familiar with and then you can easily study these places correspondingly.

You will be given the orbit for the area, where the over speeding trap is stationed at, if by chance the gadget being used is either a laser or a radar also some more significant specs that you wish to know regarding that detailed speed zone to have a touch of the ways to escape all those speed traps.

Read tips below to reduce your speed traps concern!

avoid speed trap

The Highest Risk Is On the Commercial Road

Most drivers do not notice that they're additional possible to urge snared by speed traps on a busy industrial road than on a pike. Cops additional strictly push speeds on town streets wherever the low verge for infractions implies that a mere five to eight miles per hour beyond the limit will mean a warrant. Even, throughout the last recession, several municipalities mandated aggressive, zero-tolerance traffic social control to create up for lost tax income.

It worked therefore well that a lot of cities have unbroken these policies in result, even lowering denote limits to ensnare additional unwitting drivers. city and town police don’t patrol highways and freeways, that is that the jurisdiction of state troopers

United Nations agency don't answer to native authorities. additionally to over-zealous municipal cops, traffic cameras ar progressively more common and complex. In the UK, for instance, speed cameras became therefore prevailing that you just now not will even plead your case to a politician.

Wanna go away with your car? Read this tips to avoid distraction while driving

Use a Radar 

A laser detector is simpler on town road than highways since it causes you to realize by warning of police presence whether or not you’re being clocked. during a 25mph zone, for example, it’s easy to pass on over thirty while not aware. Spring for a hard-wired system just like the K40 that conceals the receiver underneath the bumper or behind the grille, instead of hanging off your screen sort of a emblem.

Laser detectors, not like jammers, area unit legal in nearly all fifty states, with the exception of Virginia and therefore the District of Columbia wherever just being in possession of 1 is seriously frowned upon and may land you a summons.

In American state and North Star State, it’s smuggled to mount them on the within of the screen, thus a correct installation is your solely choice in those country.


SpeedTrap labels itself as the National speed trap Exchange, and this can be precisely the public service that the location provides for U.S. citizens. despite what city you check, you’ll seemingly discover well written snare reports from native residents UN agency area unit jaded with the unfair and unjust ways of native police departments.

Use App

The most standard traffic app, Speed Cameras & Traffic by Sygic, tho' not foolproof, adds a live of protection once combined with different wisdom ways. Loaded with options together with alerts for speed cameras, red light-weight cameras, and speed traps, it conjointly notifies you of latest ordinance changes on your route, and several different helpful tools.

Users boost its information by reportage police measuring instrument traps they’ve encountered. simple to use.

Notice the Road

If you drive constant route each day you will have detected some obvious spots, like behind associate bridge support, wherever patrol cars hide to observe traffic. however there are less obvious places, like once cresting a hill. It’s a typical plan of action for cops to belong wait simply over a hill wherever they're not possible to identify from a distance, suddenly exploding into see you fly over the grade. dashing therein instance could be a cub move that may value dearly.

With no time to react your instinct is to brake arduous, confirming to the officer that you simply were quite attentive to your excessive speed. There’s no talking your answer of that one.

What’s additional, in some states 20 over the limit—say, 85 in an exceedingly 65 zone—automatically registers a reckless driving citation on high of the dashing misdemeanor. And if the officer’s had a foul day—or simply doesn’t like your self-satisfied ass—it is his discretion to create associate arrest on the spot for the reckless charge.

Your prices currently have currently been ratcheted up to incorporate towing, pound fees, the posting of bond, and certain representation, and even additional correctional points on your license.

If you’re tempted to require an opportunity on speed currently then, a minimum of select your moment with wisdom. whether or not accustomed to the road or not, it’s sensible to acknowledge all the places on the route wherever you're most vulnerable.


It's easy. Everyone can do. Even unwitting you're do it. Don't drive so fast!

Thank you!