Causes Of Driving Accidents When It Rains

accident when it rain

Driving during drizzling is very dangerous especially for bikes. Many accidents occur while turning or emergency braking similarly trucks and busses are also face this situation.

There are many dangerous accidents occurred majority on highways. Causes loss of vehicles and sometimes lives of the passengers.

Automobile companies are now giving high attentions to the traction control system therefore they are now introducing all wheel drive option in most of the passenger cars. Trucks and busses have a huge mass therefore they are not focused toward all wheel drive option but there are some truck manufacturer who are providing all wheel option in their trucks. The reason behind these accidents are mostly occurs due to the slippery road and driver don't have the idea of when to apply brakes and when not to apply brakes. Maintaining speed is also a major factor of accidents in the drizzling and raining.

Transporters avoid traveling in such weather in which there will be a chance of any miss haps like raining, storms, fog or others. In such types of weather driver have no idea how to tackle a heavy loading truck and trailers. They mostly stay at the side of the road or any nearest truck point and wait for the better weather and when there is a prediction of bad weather in future then the highway is closed by the government for few days until the weather become stable.

These container semitrailers are mostly used as an alternate of a caravan for a long route travelling. Size of container semi trailer also matters in it. Mostly less than 20 feet container semi trailer is used in it to reduce the weight. They are carried by the SUVs or mini trucks. More than 40 feet containers semi trailer are used in different kinds of promotional activities of different companies.

People mostly used these vehicles for a family trip where they use their own mini truck or SUVs. It is not only used in travelling but also used where a temporary site work is under construction. Companies place these container semi trailers for the living of engineers, delegations and site staff who are from different places and work there and have no place to live at that place.

Tip Avoid

If you are using a heavy vehicle, like truck, trailer or etc. You must drive at least four seconds at the back of the car in the front of you. You want to double your stopping time to as a minimum eight seconds, in wet weather. If you are riding a automobile with a trailer or caravan attached, you should allow at least 2 seconds in your car and 1 second for each 3m of your trailer/caravan in ordinary conditions. In wet weather, you will want to allow as a minimum four seconds on your car and a couple of seconds for each 3m of your trailer/caravan.

To find out how many seconds you are behind the car in front of you:
  1. Pick a mark on the street, or an item close to the left aspect of the street (including a energy pole).
  2. When the again the vehicle in front of you passes the mark or object, matter ‘one-thousand-one, one-thousand-two, one-thousand-3, one-thousand-four’. This takes about 4 seconds.
  3. If the the front of your car reaches the mark or object before you finish counting, you're too near and need to drop again.
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