Car Stereo Replacement, Guide On How To Install Car Speakers

car speaker installation

With all the latest audio features that are available in the market today to ensure the listening experience as pleasurable, many people find that after purchasing a brand new car right from the dealer that they are not satisfied with the industrial unit settings that come incorporated with the vehicle.

Great sound will incorporate a surround system, equalizers and mixers to give the listener a rich sound that is not only unmatched but clear as well. The process that goes into the upgrade process is actually not as arduous a task as most would like to believe.

It is however crucial to understand that each car presents its own specifications when it comes to overhaul of the stereo system. This all depends on the car's wiring system and other factory settings including speaker placement and hinge depth and height.

Tools that one will need will include a number of different types of screw, cable strippers, rollers, superglue, blow dryer, screws, electrical tape, door poppers and screws. The consolation is that most of the installations are actually quite straight forward not requiring previous knowledge.

Once the individual has all their tools put together and has consulted the instructions as laid out by the manufacturer, they should proceed to cautiously employ the door panel popper to take out the car's door grill that conceals the speakers to be removed.

Once the panel is out of the way proceed to take out the default speaker from its hoist on the door. Heat the Dynamat or Accumat with the blow dryer that you brought along. Otherwise the alternative will be to expose it to warm out in the sun. Take the superglue and apply it on the metallic exterior of the door.

Gently strip away the back from the Dynamat or from the Accumat. Then with the help of the hair dryer or heat gun (whichever is applicable) proceed to warm up the material while at the same time securing it on the metal fade.

Now using the roller apply pressure onto the material to secure it to the metal to make sure that it sticks to the surface. Once they have established the bonding is secure, insert the new speakers into the speaker opening securing it via the Dynamat to the metallic door surface.

Caution is to be applied with the wiring. Insert the positive wire into the positive aperture at the rear of the speaker and plug the negative cable into its respective opening. Place the other ends of the wires into the equivalent inputs on the radio's rear

After this, take out the industrial unit panels from the back deck and remove the old speakers. Do the same with the new speakers as was done with the door speakers by dropping them into their corresponding aperture. Shield any wires and cables that might have been left exposed using the electrical tape from the tool box. Proceed to lay back the panels as they were sited originally in the rear deck and do the same with the door grilles.

To getting more experience while installations audio speakers, see video below.

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