Lighten The Car By Removing The Useless Parts

Two of the foremost vital words to grasp if you are concerned within the automotive community.

One can not simply modify their car with just power and/or suspension components. You need find out how to shed some pounds off your automotive.

So, view done through every single combination of suspension mods, exhaust mods, and possibly blower mods. But yet you still can't find yourself in the 4 or 5 second quarter mile range.

Well here i am providing you 5 ways to reduce the weight of your car. So you could go broom broom as fast as possible.

weight reduction for cars


The first way to lose weight from your car is of course lose the interior.

Who cares about the carpet, the fancy technology heck, even the seats that you sit and your guests sit on. Just ignore all that strip it all out and replace your seat with a lawn chair that way you have the optimal weight reduction gains.


Remove It All

Now that you've stripped away your entire interior let's move on to point number two.

Remove all your doors. If you have a coupe, remove both the doors. If you have a four-door car, remove all four doors of your car. If you have a minivan that you want to make go fast, remove all the four doors and forget  about your child's safety.

Because that's not your concern right now and of course cheap owners do it, so why not. Why can't we do it your lawn chairs gonna prevent you from falling out anyway.


So, if you did number one in two correctly, you should not be able to hold number three any passengers, lose them completely.

Next time they ask you a favor to drive them to taco bell. Say this to them. Sorry bud i can't drive you because this is racecar.

Simple But Valuable

Number 3 is a legit piece of advice.

If you weigh over 300 pounds  and you're like 511. right, you can afford to lose 40 pounds of water weight.

Real talk. If you're gonna go out there and look on how to reduce your car's weight whether you're gonna buy carbon fiber components or aluminum components?

Realize, this the quickest way to lose a lot of weight from your car and make it go faster is if you lose your own weight, a $20 a month gym membership, it's gonna save you a lot more money than if you were to buy thousands of dollars worth of carbon fiber bits and goods for your car.

Always Half

Moving on to other point.

Half tank life bro.

Here's what i'm gonna do. Never top your car off, never fill it up all the way. Because you could save as much as 80 to a hundred pounds in gasoline weight it's so worth it.

Because you want to be prepared to raise anyone, anytime, anywhere. Natural disaster incoming worth it half tank life bro. Zombie apocalypse incoming worth it half tank life bro. Meteor about to hit the earth and kill everyone worth it half tank life bro.

It's not gonna matter anyway. My point is always use half a tank of gas, hell.

If you want go an eighth of a tank of gas because you know what more weight reduction. bro, they're doing it right. Even if they're only able to travel 20 miles.

Wheels Are Important

Last but not least, lose your wheels.

If you have aluminum wheels. take them off, they're too heavy.

If you have carbon fiber wheels. take them off, there's still too heavy and they're expensive.

We're gonna go back to the 1800s and use wooden wheels. Because they did something right back.

Then, heck. Forget everything that i just said.

If you take anything away from this article. It's that the flintstones. Did it right toss out those old recaro lawn chairs and use your scrawny leg power.

And if you feel bad just toss in those two tons stone cylinder wheels. just to make it even again all righty.

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Don't be so serious, but this is serious!

Until next time, please stay tuned peace out