Six Tips to Take Care of Your Diesel Engine

A car's performance depends on its engine. And it goes without saying that an engine-related problem annoys us the most. Ignoring such problems in the long run can affect a car's performance significantly. Hence it is an imperative for every car owner of diesel-engine to invest some time in maintaining the engine. He must ensure that its performance is up to the mark. Here are some tips that are useful in keep your diesel engine perfect, if practiced well at regular interval of time.

Regular inspection

Regular inspection of glow plugs is critical for the maintenance of a diesel engine. Diesel engines are reliable and can assure a longer life-cycle if maintained properly. The ignition of the engine generally depends upon compressed heat, but sometimes it fails to produce enough heat, which affects the glow plugs. In this case, the glow plugs are used to heat up the cylinder before the cold engine gets started. This is why, the plugs needs to be inspected within a specific time-period.


The second thing that you need to consider is the gaskets. The gaskets work under very harsh conditions, which may cause leaks. Thus, all the mounting bolts should be inspected in order to detect any leaks, which prove to be major cause of other engine-related complications.

Oil Filter

Keep the engine's oil filter free from sulfur residue and carbon particles, which are formed in the when fuel is not burnt completely. A good filter will keep oil safe from corrosive particles.

Mind the Turbocharger

The turbocharger is one of the important components of any diesel engine. It spins at a high RPM, than the engine i.e., at about 12,000 rpm, when the engine is doing only 1,000 rpm, while compressing air to high pressure and forcing into the engine. Thus, it is important to keep the turbocharger lubricated because it spins at high RPM. Make sure you are leaving the car idle for at least 30 seconds before you turn the engine off. This will allow the turbo to cool down to the minimum RPM, preventing bearings from damage.

Never ignore warning Lights

If you are getting an audible and visual warning system on the dash panel take your car to an engine mechanic immediately.

Diesel Treatment

Every time you get the diesel tank filled, it is advisable to add a bottle of diesel treatment to keep the fluid safe from getting mixed with impurities.

If your engine is not working properly, you can get it replaced with a reconditioned one at affordable price. There are many online retailers offering petrol and diesel Reconditioned Toyota Land Cruiser Engines, Fiat Engines, and others.


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